“I’m a fan of the Nikita Hair Organization” – Jess Diamantides

“I’m a fan of the Nikita Hair Organization” – Jess Diamantides


“What drives you?” we asked Inger Ellen Nicolaisen, CEO and Founder of Nikita Hair, her response in short was “fear and passion.” I had the opportunity to visit at Inger’s Estate home and listen to her story; from her childhood in Norway, to starting her first business at the age of 16 and ultimately becoming the successful entrepreneur she is today. Inger runs all of the Nikita salons and has created an award-winning hair and skincare line, Eleni & Chris, alongside her daughter.

I love their Hydrating Face Mist (pictured left below) and was not surprised when they shared that it’s one of their bestsellers! They pride themselves on creating beauty from purity. I was also pleased to find that their products are cruelty free.

What makes the Eleni & Chris products so unique are the ingredients. They contain ingredients that are exclusive to and can only be found in Scandinavia, such as: Scandinavian Glacier Water, Volcanic Minerals and Cloudberry. I learned that Cloudberry contains Vitamin A, B, C and E and a single Cloudberry contains as much as four times more Vitamin C than an entire orange! Right now, if you buy any two products, you will receive a travel size kit for free.

Nikita Hair is huge in Norway and Sweden and their salons make up 86% of all salons in the country. Many of the stylists have a minimum of 4 years experience/training and they all want to achieve one thing: to make the client feel great. I was able to visit the Nikita Hair salon in Boca Raton, Florida and meet some of the staff and see their work. They were all wonderfully kind and talented artists.

Inger is empowering yet so down to Earth that it is truly humbling. During her inspirational session, I had so many belly laughs but also some tears when learning how she gives back to the community and seeing firsthand how much the people that work for her admire her. I felt the love and appreciation between Inger and the Nikita Team, like a family. She has a big heart and a love for children (and animals!) so great that she adopted many of her kids. How admirable is a woman that is not only a go-getter but also values what matters most, her family!

I’ll leave you with her motto in life, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”



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