Nikita Hair USA – Nikita Hair’s New Hair Salon in Boca Raton, Florida

Norway’s Famous Nikita Hair USA

“Nikita Hair is not only a Hair Salon but a place [for] clients to feel good about themselves.”

Nikita Hair USA is the United States version of Inger Ellen’s hair chain called Nikita Hair. They are one of Europe’s largest, and leading chain of hair salons. The company was founded in Norway and is over 30 years old. “Nikita” was discovered on the dance floor when a handsome young man asked Inger to dane with hi while the song “Nikita” by Elton John was playing. To Inger, Nikita Hair is not only a Hair Salon but a place where she wants her clients to feel good about themselves.

In my gift bag I got the Eleni & Chris ChrominTravel Kit 2017 Destination Shine . The Chromin Travel Kit 2017 Destination Shine has a ChroMin Colorpro Shampoo 75 ml and a ChroMin Colorpro Conditioner 75 ml. In the gift baggie we also got a full size  Eleni & Chris Hydrating Face Mist .

My First Impressions

When applying the shampoo, just like every shampoos, I had to grab double the amount because my hair is 2-3 times longer than the average woman’s hair. When I began to lather the shampoo in my hair it felt very smooth. After I washed my hair I then applied the conditioner to my ends. I noticed the conditional was also very soft and helped my knots in my hair to smooth out. The next day after it dried I noticed my hair felt like it was just blow dried. It felt a little healthy than it was the past week.

When applying the Hydrating Face Mist it seemed like any other face mist with a gorgeous scent that smelled like a water fall. After about an hour I felt my face a lot smoother. I usually have texture on my skin but after the first hour from spraying the mist it felt like I had just had a facial.

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