The House that Hair Built


While visiting with the staff of Nikita, it became evident that Nikita is built on family. Inger is a mother to many, but most importantly her fourteen children. Three of which are her biological children and even more that are adopted (although it seems as though even she has forgotten which  is which). We were lucky enough to have them cater a delicious spread for us from scratch. After all, it seems that is how they do things around here; organically, and as a family. Everyone is invited to the table it seems, from the PR team, to the managerial staff, and even the receptionist. All hands are on deck, giving this top of the line hair salon a feeling of home. Just a very stylish home.. Everyone leaves Nikita with a  great feeling,  including the staff.

Nikita Hair USA prides themselves on helping their clients to be the best version of themselves. So after a decadent brunch, they whisked us away in a stretch hummer limo to give us a private tour of the first Nikita Hair USA location. This salon is beautiful and equipped to handle all of your beauty needs (mani/pedi’s/ hair color, cut, blow dry / deep conditioning treatments w/ a complimentary shiatsu scalp massage).

You can choose from a Junior / Senior / or Master Stylist, all of whom are thoroughly trained. I inquired whether they could work with my curls and have been assured they are plenty qualified! In order to become a stylist in Europe you must first apprentice for as long as four years! All of their services are within a very reasonable price. Right now you can get a wash and blow dry for only $39! All in an effort to inspire all clients to feel great about themselves, and become a part of the Nikita family (this family is gorgeous!). After all, if you look great, you feel great. Feeling great about yourself can help you to accomplish anything your heart is passionate about. In any one of our 43,000 zip codes. I’m sure glad Nikita landed here at 33432!

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